Sonicology is a movement that promotes a light-hearted view of religion and opposes the teaching of intelligent design and creation in public schools along with every conspiracy theory ever.  Although adherents describe Sonicology as a genuine religion, it is generally seen by outsiders as a parody religion.

Sonicology is a parody religion practiced by Sonicologists who are predominantly fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.  Sonicology was first conceived in 2008 as an openly satirical “religion” made in protest against those religions who wish the teaching of intelligent design to be an alternative to evolution in public school science classes as well as to help promote and unite Sonic fans.  In its creation, Sonicology parodies the beliefs of intelligent design activists by wanting various concepts seen in the “Sonic the Hedgehog” video game series along with the Secret Canadian Digestive Tract War to be taught as fact in various classrooms where intelligent design is taught as an alternative to evolution and to make Sonicology an officially recognized religion to show the ridiculousness seen in other religions.  In 2014 the Church of Sonicology was “officially unofficially” created.

The tenets of Sonicology (generally satires of creationism and internet conspiracies) a Wiki page created on Make a Religion and will be presented on a website called ASSC Studios and eventually in Sonicology to be written in the mid-2010s.  The central belief is that every conspiracy theory and religion was caused by a time travelling entity known as the Bakuromney.  An alien race known as Azurites are revered as the original Sonicologists though sometimes this is mistakenly credited to Saiyans who are also highly revered amongst Sonicologists as they are said to have brought “the arrival of the blue-spined immortal.”  It is asserted by Sonicologists that Al Gore and an entity known as the Big Green Ball of Nastiness are the causes of global warming.  Sonicologists congregate on the ASSC Studios Facebook Group page to share ideas about Sonic the Hedgehog and fan art of the franchise, as well as to discuss “sightings” of the Bakuromney and the various other entities.

Sonicology can be used as a contemporary version of Russell’s teapot.  It is the hopes of Sonicologists to help play roles in dissuading the teaching of creationism, promote the proper teachings of evolution, and spread awareness of the true meaning of separation of church and state.  Sonicologists who engage in disputes with creationists will often use a seemingly ridiculous conspiracy theory to show how their religion was somehow created by Scott Bakula or Mitt Romney.

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