Ultimately your religion is up to you but if you're stuck you can follow some of these basic guidelines of how to make a religion.

Core BeliefsEdit

  • Choose a focus, theme, idea, person, character, etc.
  • Create a central belief system around who/what you chose
  • Give your religion a name based on what you chose or your central belief system
  • Include faiths, beliefs, and dogmas
  • Generate a concepts according to how those faiths relate to what you chose
  • Detail your concepts
  • Out of your concepts generate systems
  • Enhance the systems


  • Answer "why are we here?"
  • Answer "how did we get here?"
  • Explanations of why everything is and how it all came to be


  • The big reward
  • It's everything you always wished you had in this life you get in death
  • Things you are promised after you die


  • Create a (or several) God(s) or deity(ies)
  • Decide which one(s) to believe in and/or worship
  • Give it/them [a] simple and catchy name(s) that people can remember
  • Make it/them in charge of something people focus on
  • Make it/them something that people will be frequently reminded of
  • Make it easy for people to “accept” the worship of your God(s)/deity(ies)
  • Establish standards by which the God(s) should be referred to
  • Have [an] opposing force(s), not necessarily enemies but opposites

Prophets Edit

  • Choose your role establishing who you are in your religion
  • Remember you are the founder, a prophet of your religion but not its God
  • Choose other prophets and teachers
  • Choose priests among your followers

The Sacred Edit

  • Make cool yet easily made and accessible symbols
  • Create religious texts, holy books, and scriptures
  • Create and describe a main place of worship for your religion complete with utensils
  • Have other sacred sites and places of worship
  • Create a complete story of your religion 
  • Pay attention to aesthetics, materials, symbols, etc.


  • Create, affirm, and design your own rituals
  • Add in additional holy days

Everything Else in Making a Good ReligionEdit

  • Try to create something from nothing 
  • There’s nothing wrong with borrowing 
  • Make it ambiguous so both sides of an argument can claim it as their own
  • Advertise
  • Confuse everybody 
  • Invite a ton of people to your religions and give them good reasons why
  • Get the word out
  • Teach your followers
  • Have fun!